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Solutions for “3D”puzzle snippet

Content: Words and phrases that contain three D’s.

Special rules: This is a two-dimensional representation of a cube, with front and back views. Words can run across edges from face to face as if they were printed on ribbons wrapping around the cube.

Hints: The key is understanding how the edges of the front and back views meet. Imagine cutting out the two hexagons, flipping the bottom one over left to right, and then pasting them together back to back. The other challenge is predicting the direction that a word follows after it crosses an edge. Words that approach an edge at an angle will continue at an angle, and words that approach an edge perpendicularly will continue perpendicularly. In this design, the cube is shown in perspective, so perpendiculars may seem to be diagonals! Look at the solution to a long phrase, like Declaration of Independence, to learn by example.