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Solutions for “CMY”puzzle snippet

Content: Words beginning with the letters C, M and Y.

Special rules: Each colored layer is an independent puzzle. The cyan layer contains words beginning with c, though the letter c itself is omitted from the puzzle. Likewise for the magenta (m) puzzle and the yellow (y) puzzle. The word black is in one of the layers . . .

Hints: Do this puzzle in good light. Marking the puzzle with your answers will make a mess. Use tracing paper, or don’t mark the answers at all (this puzzle does not make use of the leftover letters, so it’s not important to keep track if which letters are used). If you have a pair of red-blue 3-D glasses, they’ll help, though that’s cheating!


By the way: Cyan, magenta and yellow are the subtractive primary colors. They combine to create black. In printing, black ink is used with CMY in order to use less ink to produce dark colors, among other reasons. In school you were taught that red, yellow and blue are the primary colors, but that is an antiquated model of color. For instance, no mixture of red, yellow and blue will give you cyan. Red, green and blue are the three additive primary colors. They combine to create white.