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A Quick Tour of Volume 1 Puzzles

Spoiler alert! Don't read this if you would rather figure out the rules of each puzzle on your own.

Multiple grids: the words are confined to a single grid, or run across abutting grids, or use alternating letters where grids overlap.

Anagrams: the words in the list are scrambled and need to be unscrambled. Words related to the Victorian Era in Britain.

Westward Expansion
Double letters: The larger letters can stand for that letter doubled, e.g., M or MM. Words about America's westward expansion.

Colors instead of letters: find the given series of colors.

Two-sided puzzle: you can see only half at a time and some word travel around the edge. Words that begin with the prefix trans.

In Bread
Multiple-choice grid cells: Pick one or multiple letters from a cell before continuing to the next cell. Names of sandwiches.

Constellation grid: the names of actors and creators form snaking constellations in the background. Titles of sci-fi movies in the main grid.

Overlapping transparent grids: focus on one color at a time. Words that begin with C, M and Y.

Multiple-choice grid cells: Pick one or multiple letters from a cell before continuing to the next cell. Five-letter words.

Faces instead of letters: find the given series of faces.

Hexagonal grid: words can run in 12 possible directions instead of just 8. Names of gems and minerals.

Conventional but big. Names of 233 subway stations from around the world.

3D puzzle represented in 2D: Front and back views of a virtual cube with words going from face to face. Words and phrases with three letter D's.

Jibe Talking
Warped grid and words running zigzag. Terms from sailing.

Linear puzzle: words use non-consecutive letters. Names of galaxies.

Fill in the grid: fit all the listed words into the grid. Terms from computing.

Terra Cognita
Knowledge puzzle: find “words” of countries such as “7 original NATO countries.”

Area Code
Style-sensitive characters: each area code can be found multiple ways, but you have to find the one with certain color and size attributes.

I Fold
Two-sided puzzle requiring folding: you must fold the paper in certain ways to move parts of the grid together. Things that fold.

Take Two
Difficult-to-see letters. Pain relievers.

Overlapping grids and word triplets: one word in the first grid, one word in the second grid, and one word in the overlapping zone.

Bar Code
Orientation: all the bar codes are the same. It's how they are rotated that matters.